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    Hello All! I am new here, and also new to breastfeeding. My DD is 3 months old and I have some questions. I started back to work about 3 weeks ago and am pumping while I'm there. I pump 3 times during my day and get between 4-5oz each pumping session. DD eats 3, 5oz bottles while I'm at work, and everything I read is telling me that this is too much. I'm confused for a few reasons... If I'm pumping that much, then isn't that what she's getting when she's on breast? Also, if we give her less she becomes very fussy, sucks on her hands, roots, etc. I'm not sure what to do about this. I don't want to over feed her, but she seems to be hungry if she gets less?

    I've also read that she should be eating 10times per day and she only does 7-8...should I be concerned about this?

    One last question....for now....Her night feeding went from about 20-30 minutes to barely 10, is this normal? I never really "watched" the clock, I would just glance when we started and then again when we stopped just because I was curious.

    Any advice/help would be great! Thank you so much!

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum!
    How much you pump is not necessarily an indicator of how much your LO takes in at the breast. If you have a large storage capacity and abundant supply, you may well pump more in a sitting than your LO will eat. A typical "meal" at the breast is 2-3 ounces, maybe 4, so usually we recommend starting a LO who is going to day care with 2-3 ounce bottles, with a 1 ounce "topper" if needed. Keep in mind that babies like to suck for comfort, so she may be expressing a desire to suck, rather than a desire for more milk. (At the breast, this is where a LO might transition from nutritive to non-nutritive sucking). If this is the case, trying other methods to comfort her may be effective - walking with her, swing, paci if you've introduced one, etc. The problem with routinely giving a 5 oz bottle is that, although you may be producing this no problem right now, it can get harder to maintain that kind of pump output as the year goes on. So it's worth at least trying her out on a smaller bottle - maybe first backing down to a 4 oz bottle - to see how that goes. Here are some links to kelly mom about bottle-feeding the breastfed baby, including information you can print out and share with your caregiver:

    Question 2, 7-8 feedings/day vs 10 - a 3 month old baby (and going up to a year - milk needs to do not increase after this point) needs in the range of 24-32 ounces/24 hours. So if she is getting 3 oz/feed, then 8 feeds may be enough. A baby drinking 2 oz/feed might need 10-12 feeds/24 hours. Your pump output suggests that your baby may be getting feeds on the higher end of the range (if your pumping frequency reflects your nursing frequency), so 8 feedings a day may be enough. Of course, it never hurts to offer more!

    Question 3, nursing time: yes, it's common for babies to become more efficient with nursing as they get older. 10 minutes (or even less) may be entirely normal.

    You're doing great mama! Keep bringing your questions here.

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    I tried cutting back to 4oz bottles, and my daycare provider insisted that nothing worked to soothe her. She will eventually suck on her fingers and sometimes that'll stop the crying. I'm willing to keep trying, I'm just worried that my provider won't work with me on this and will just offer from her next bottle.

    I am away from her for about 10 hours. Her feeding times are approximately 6am, 6pm, 8pm, sometimes 10pm and then between 3-4am; plus her 3 bottles at daycare. Should I be waking her up at night to feed more? Some nights she sleeps even longer and I wake up uncomfortable and end up waking her up to eat or having to pump....is that normal? Sorry, for all the questions. I just want to make sure that I am able to continue feeding her for as long as possible so I want to make sure that I'm doing everything right!

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    Since your baby is eating so much at daycare, that could explain her shortened night feedings. If you can stand to wake her up, definitely wake her. Maybe if she nurses more during the night, she'll need less milk from the bottle during the day.

    It's totally normal to feel more full at night- levels of prolactin (the milk making hormone) tend to peak overnight, and that means many moms feel more full in the small hours of the night and morning. Many people think that this biological tendency is an indication that babies are actually designed to take in more calories at night than during the day, and suggest that co-sleeping and night-feeding should be the norm, rather than something that is frowned on.

    It sounds like you're doing wonderfully well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    Since your baby is eating so much at daycare, that could explain her shortened night feedings.
    This is another reason overfeeding can be problematic, because if baby is getting too full off of bottles of EBM, she will be less hungry with you, and therefore nurse less, therefore making it hard to keep up with supply. 15 oz over 10 hours is at the upper limit of the 1 - 1.5 oz of milk per hour apart. So again, none of this is WAY outside the range of normal but it's really good to think about it! Do you have baby close to you at night? Whether in the bed or close by in a bassinet, co-sleeper or crib? Because you want to be able to hear her when she starts shifting around in bed to pick her up and feed her.

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