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    I've been working on block feeding until I empty each breast. My left breast is producing quite a bit more milk than my right. It was engorged when I woke up this morning so I fed him from it, I also fed him from it at the next feeding as well. It was pretty soft and almost drained after the feedings but not completely empty so I planned on feeding him again from it for the next feeding. He wound up taking his long nap so it's been quite some time and more milk has already come in both of my breasts. So my question is, do I still offer that breast again? Or go ahead and offer the other one until its empty and then switch back to the first one? The first breast isn't uncomfortable at all.

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    I think it's time to switch. You want to make sure that you keep giving stimulation and milk removal to the breast with the lower yield, to prevent yourself from getting lopsided. If anything, I would suggest nursing less on the higher producer, allowing it to get more full before you offer it to the baby. The more full you keep that breast, the more block feeding on that side will benefit you.

    Sorry if this is confusingly written!

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    No! Not confusing at all. I totally get what you're saying. Thank you so much for the information. I think I could nurse him off just my left side all day long before its empty so that question has been bothering me forever!

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