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Thread: If you have taken Domperdione...

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    Default If you have taken Domperdione...

    ..for your milk supply, can you share your experience please.

    Why did you start taking it? How old was your baby when you started taking it? We're you already having periods when you started taking it and if so, how many had you had? How many mg were you on? And did you notice any side effects.


    I just started it almost 2 weeks ago at 90 mg daily, split up throughout the day. Looking for more feedback. I started it b/c ive had 6 periods since my daughter was born in august, first one came end of october, and she is just 7 months tomorrow and I was about to dry up.

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    Default Re: If you have taken Domperdione...

    I started about 3 months ago when my son was 12-13 months old. He was slow to eat solids, nursed 10-12x+/day, and would stay on the breast for a long time (15+ mins) with minimal drinking once or twice per day.

    I had just gone through an extremely stressful year -- family deaths, multiple family members' cancer diagnoses, an uncle with severe neurological damage from a car accident who almost didn't survive, financial stress, major health issues for my husband, suspected Celiac, change from professional to stay at home role. Dr. Newman and another specialist I was seeing thought my supply wasn't picking up with demand due to stress.

    I started at 3*30mg/day and had the dose increased to 3*40mg/day. My son visibly drank more after about 2days of day dose increase. We're being seen next week for a weigh-in, which I suspect will show my son gained well. He has picked up his solids consumption significantly (baby initiated) since our last visit to the doctor/IBCLC.

    Side effects: only noticed them when I had stomach flu-- it increased motility dramatically for a day. Otherwise, nothing noticeable.

    DS is 16 months old and I haven't had any PP periods.
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    Default Re: If you have taken Domperdione...

    I began taking domperidone when my son was 6 months old. I have had very low supply (about 14 oz a day at best) and have tried everything to help it increase. I was on motherlove more Milk special blend tincture plus a lot of teas, herbal supplements and so on, but taking the tincture was becoming a huge hassle because I couldnt drink anything before or after, it tasted terrible and it was really expensive. When I tried weaning off it my supply dropped so I went with domperidone to wean off the tincture and try one last thing to increase my supply. I haven't noticed a change in supply really since switching but its cheaper, easier to take and hasn't had an adverse effect on me. I haven't noticed anything as a side effect...I was hoping it would help with nausea from motion sickness but it really didn't. I am happy to be off the tincture and on dom. I take 90mg a day split into 3 doses 3 times a day, fyi. I haven't had any periods since my son was born, its been 9 months without periods now. So I cant help with that perspective.
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