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Thread: My Stubborn 7 month baby :-)

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    So my 7 month old refuses to take milk from a bottle, sippee cup, or straw. I gave up on the bottle and was trying the sippee cup and straw. She will drink from both but spits the breastmilk out, and does the same with food. She holds out for hours, cries, or goes to sleep till i give in. Her father and others close to her have tried to get her to take it also, i of course leave the room, go downstairs out of her sight. I really need to return to work, does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Sorry mama I don't have suggestions but I'd like to tell you my almost 1 year old is the same. He will not tolerate anything in his mouth, no sipee, no straw, no bottle, except for the boobie. During nursing strikes the only thing I can do is to syringe feed. Keep trying though. They change all the time!

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