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Thread: Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for twins?

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    Default Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for twins?

    Hi there,
    I have a 2 1/2 year old that weaned at about 10 months of age when I could not get him stop biting me.
    I'm now the mother of 4-month old twins. The twins never really latched great early on and after many tears, no sleep, and an endless cycle of breastfeed, pump, supplement, I "took a break" (really I gave up) and exclusively pumped. THis was somewhere around 4-6 weeks. When I began exclusively pumping I made just over an ounce / hr (maybe 26-30 ounces / day) and now I'm down to less than an ounce / hr (maybe 16-20 ounces / day).
    Of course the babies are completely nipple-confused on the rare occasion I've had the circumstance to just sit with one and work on it again.
    I'm having a hard time getting much of a milk ejection anymore (tried holding babies while I pump, imagery, etc) and doesn't help the situation.
    My question is whether anyone has ever re-introduced the breast to a weaned toddler in order to increase milk supply for their babies???

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    Default Re: Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for tw

    I think this is a good question for a LLL leader. You can submit answers and get professionals answers and support. Wish I could be more help, however I'd be affraid of giving you the wrong answer.

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