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Thread: Drying-up????

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    Default Drying-up????

    Can you 'sponteasouly' dry-up? People say I'm pregnant (I'm not) - just supply dropped last week and plumeted over the weekend.
    I had bronchitis and have been on anitbiotics since Tuesday. I drink A TON (150oz) of water a day, which include 36oz of mothers milk tea.
    Question #1: can this happen?
    Question #2: can I stop it??

    My LO will be 7 months next week. He eats 6x/day - currently I have weaned 2 sessions (weaned 1 session week of 2/4, anoher week of 2/11). Been gaining perfect and thriving!! And other than the ongoing day-care colds, he's healthy! He is in daycare and gets 3 bottles, and i nurse at wake-up, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm bedtime. (i pump 1x/day at work) Last week, I noticed my supply drop a bit - my breasts were feeling more empty and i was pumping about 1-2oz less during my 1 pumping session. I got bronchitis last week and have been on anitbiotics since Tuesday. I drink a ton of water (approx 120+oz/day plus 2-16ozcups of mothers milk tea). Then over the weekend, i felt a significant decrease. I had planned on weaning 2 more sessions next week, and just keeping bed-time and wake-up. (my 2 favorite times a day!)

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    Why are you planning on weaning to a few nursings a day? Were you planning on offering formula? Your body is probably just adjusting to the fact that you already weaned a couple of sessions. Your body knows exactly how much milk to make based on the number of times milk is removed from your breasts. The more you nurse the more milk you make, the less you nurse, the less milk you make. If you wanted to make more milk all you have to do is nurse more often or pump.

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum. Breastfeeding is supply and demand. So if you decrease demand - in your case by weaning off nursing sessions, then yes, your supply is going to decrease. One possibility for the sudden drop is that as you've started the weaning process, your fertility is returning. Supply can drop between ovulation and the first few days of your period. If you don't want your supply to decrease further, then increase demand - by adding back a nursing session, or not dropping any more sessions.

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    with the PP. Milk is produced on a supply = demand basis; nurse more and you'll make more. Supply does not "just dry up" without a good reason, and not nursing enough is a good reason!

    Most 7 month old babies who are breastfed on demand will nurse a minimum of 8 times a day. It sounds like your LO nurses far less than that, and you only pump once at work.

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