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Thread: Why Register on the Forums?

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    Default Why Register on the Forums?

    If you've just stopped by to look for an answer to a breastfeeding question, welcome! We hope you'll find the information you need.

    If you're looking for the support and friendship of other breastfeeding mothers, or if you want to talk about other topics besides breastfeeding with like-minded moms, please consider registering.

    As a registered member of the Forums you could post breastfeeding questions, of course, and you would also have access to our non-public subforums:

    Breastfeeding Support
    • Breastfeeding During Pregnancy
    • Nursing More Than One (tandem breastfeeding or nursing multiples)
    • Breastfeeding Advocacy/Lactivism

    • Nutrition for the Whole Family
    • Food Allergies and Sensitivities

    Pregnancy and Birth
    • Fertility
    • Pregnancy and Birth
    • Post Partum
    • Birth Stories/Announcements

    Parenting Beyond Breastfeeding
    • Parenting Beyond Breastfeeding (parenting discussions about all ages and stages)
    • Poop! (no such thing as TMI! Also has areas to talk about diapering and potty learning)
    • Gentle Discipline
    • Sleep or Lack of It
    • Dealing with Criticism
    • Caregiver Issues
    • Education
    • Babywearing

    Family Health
    • Health and Wellness
    • Health Issues (Baby/Child)
    • Health Issues (Mother)

    Grief and Loss
    • Miscarriage/Stillborn/Postnatal Loss
    • Other Grief and Loss

    Off Topic Forums
    • Commonalities (things we have in common)
    • Around the Refreshment Table (for everything else!)

    Please feel free to explore! If you're not sure where to post on a particular topic, just make your best guess. If the moderators think there is a better place for your thread, where you might get more responses, we'll move it and leave a link so you can find it again.

    If you have any questions about how things work on the forums or in LLLI, feel free to post them in the Adminstrative Questions forum.

    A few disclaimers:
    • The forums are for information and support purposes only. La Leche League International is not responsible for any information obtained in posts on this board. Posts are the sole responsiblity of the poster.
    • Suggestions received here should not replace the professional opinion of your health care provider. Also bear in mind that La Leche League Leaders are not medical professionals, nor do we intend that any information given here take the place of appropriate medical consultation. Please contact a health care professional if you you have medication or health questions. We thank you for not posting medical advice.
    • LLL's focus is on mothering through breastfeeding. We take no position on diapers, education, vaccination, lifestyle, or anything else beyond or not covered by the LLL Philosophy statements.

    We invite you to share your opinions and experiences. Please remember that only accredited LLL Leaders (who have LLL in front of their screen names) are authorized to speak for La Leche League.

    Our experiences vary widely, and what works for one family may not be appropriate for another. Thank you for respecting each person's right to make the choices that are right for their own family. LLL supports every mother's right to breastfeed in whatever way works for her, as long as both she and the baby wish to do so, whether that is weeks, months, or until the baby weans naturally. This is an individual decision.

    Please make sure you're familiar with our User Agreement and Forum Rules. And thank you for contributing to a supportive and respectful community.
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