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Thread: Food into Breast Milk

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    I hope this is the correct place for this post. If not I apologize.

    I'm curious how long after you eat something does it end up in your milk supply? I'm asking because I ate some food that contains cooked eggs (baked goods) and want to keep an eye out if my son reacts to it (we found out he's allergic to eggs and peanuts). I pump 3 times a day, because he stopped nursing around 6.5 months. I usually pump when I get up (around 7 AM), around 4 or 5 PM, and then again before going to bed (between 10 PM and 12 AM). I always label milk with the date and try to remember to put a time on there as well. Thanks everyone!

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    It's not consistent. There are so many factors, there's no way to really say. All you can do is watch keep a close eye on it and if you see a reaction make a note (food journals work great for this) and see how long it was since you ate. Do it consistently and you might notice a pattern. Or you might not. It's especially hard to do with pumping added into the mix.

    Sorry, I know I'm not much help here. I'm just trying to give you a realistic perspective.
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    I think I read somewhere that it's usually 1-24 hours. With my LO, we have seen him react to something I ate up to 3 days later. Usually he reacts the next day though. We think he had a first hand exposure a couple of weeks ago. There weren't any allergens listed as ingredients on anything he or I ate, so we are guessing cross-contamination on something he ate. In that case he took 17 hours to react. So we think he is slow to react himself, which is why it took up to 3 days when filtering through me.

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