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Thread: 7.5 mo difficult to nurse to sleep :(

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    Default 7.5 mo difficult to nurse to sleep :(

    My LO has always been generally pretty easy to nurse to sleep for naps and bedtime but since she's hit 6.5 months, it's been very tough. We nurse in bed and she constantly pulls off, rolls onto her tummy, whines, cries, rubs her face, and is just unhappy. I sometimes am literally fighting with her to get her back on the breast so she will fall asleep. This is probably my fault, we've done no sleep training. My hubby feeds her to sleep w/ a bottle when I'm at work too. Is there something developmentally going on or is this a signal that we need to teach her to fall asleep on her own? I don't know how we would do this w/o some form of cry-it-out

    FYI, when she was just learning to roll she would do this but it passed after a couple of weeks... this doesn't seem to be passing...

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    Default Re: 7.5 mo difficult to nurse to sleep :(

    This isn't your "fault" because you didn't sleep-train your child! There's absolutely no reason to think that sleep-training would result in a baby who always fells asleep easily. Most people who "train" their babies with cry-it-out methods have to do so multiple times, because night-waking is normal and because it often re-occurs when baby is sick, or teething, or mastering new developmental milestones.

    What's your bedtime routine like, at this point?

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