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Thread: Very low letdown reflex, anxiety

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    Default Very low letdown reflex, anxiety

    I've written before that my now 4 months old daughter had started to drop some percentiles in gaining weight. This unfortunately created some anxiety for me and matters got worsel...a lot worse. Now my trustworthy letdown has become finicky and my baby won't have the patience for it. I can only nurse her when she's almost asleep. Yesterday it got so bad that i had no more ideas what to do, she was very hungry but she won't take a bottle, that we went to the ER. Unfortunately there were peope there who had waited for 5 hours to be seen by a dr so we left. At home she nursed and fell asleep.

    I'm close to panicky now because it's weekend and most resources are not there and she won't ╚Ťalke anything but the breast. If that doesn't work i basically don't know how to feed her. I am perfectly aware that being thid freaked out does not help but at the same time i bannot help it. I tried all sorts of relaxation techniques but the knot it my stomach won't go.

    What can i do?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Very low letdown reflex, anxiety

    How are you identifying the lack of letdowns? Are you not feeling the letdown sensation, or are you not hearing any swallowing? How is baby's diaper output?

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    Default Re: Very low letdown reflex, anxiety

    I always feel the letdowns, at least the first. I can also see when she is swallowing. It seemed to get a bit better now. I called a helpline here in Ontario, Canada and the nurse calmed me down a bit. The baby seems fine, no dehydration, good diaper output and all other signs. Maybe she is getting enough and I'm going insane. I pumped after a good feed of hers, with a single hand pump and in 10 minutes I got 4 ounces and the milk was still coming ut I'm out of shape and i stopped. So there is milk...
    On Tuesday i have an appointment with a lactation consultant so hopefully we won't deterorate until then. What should i do with the milk I pumped? Try to top up her feeds or just freeze it for now?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Very low letdown reflex, anxiety

    4 oz from one breast with a hand pump AFTER a feed? That is amazing output! Is it possible that your LO is just going through a fussy period? Have you tried nursing in different positions?
    As for the pumped milk, I'd probably toss it in the freezer. It doesn't sound like she really needs it or will take it, which would just create more frustration for you both.

    Good luck with the appointment!

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    4 ounces from both breasts combined. Will imake enough for thenextfeed...which shoud be soon?

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    OH my gosh, if you can get 4 oz from both breasts with a hand pump, you do not have supply problems. Toss the expressed milk in the freezer and just nurse on demand- there's no better way to make sure that supply and demand match up.

    Is it possible that your baby is teething? That could explain fussiness and difficulty with nursing.

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    I don't see any other signals that she's teething. She isn't even fussy unless i offer the breast. Maybe she's just not hungry? She naps on me and she munches on the breast quite a bit but it didn't seem like she was taking anything although that breast is smaller after she wakes up.

    Anyway, i'll try to relax and trust her more. She's now blissfully asleep after she nursed well. Tuesday seems a bit closer.

    Thank you again.

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