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Thread: Severe Vaginal Dryness

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    Unhappy Severe Vaginal Dryness

    I am so frustrated. I've named this terrible condition Mom-opause (when you estrogen levels are so low that your body thinks you're in menopause). I have mood swings, hot flashes and severe vaginal dryness.
    I've been dealing with extreme vaginal dryness due to EBF. When it started my doctor told me it wouldn't stop until I stopped breastfeeding, but to use Replens for relief and if it didn't improve after a few weeks that my next option was estrogen replacement.
    At this point, I have been using the Replens daily+ for months (even though the box says you only need it every few days). I no longer have health insurance so I can't afford to go back to the doctor, and even if I could I definitely cannot afford estrogen (that could dry milk up and defeat the whole purpose anyway!). The itching, burning, PAIN is out of control - it keeps me awake at night and every time I go to the bathroom I think about the cost of formula. Now what?? Please Help! :-(

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Your baby is now old enough that I would definitely look into topical estrogen cream. Because it's topical, rather than systemic (like a pill), it's unlikely to hurt your supply, particularly after it has been well-established by so many months of nursing. And it might not be as expensive as you think- I had to use it on my daughter when she was a couple months old, because she had a labial adhesion, and a HUGE tube was around $60. Maybe talk to the doc and ask if she/he has some sample tubes lying around the office? If the sample helps, then you get to decide whether it's worth the money for a larger amount. And if you find that you do have a decrease in supply, then you simply stop using it. Your supply should rebound very quickly. I know health insurance is an issue, but call and ask anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Your doctor is incorrect that vaginal dryness lasts until you stop breastfeeding. It generally lessens as your estrogen levels rebound, and most women notice that it is gone by the time their periods return. For most women, it diminishes well before that point.

    While low estrogen can definitely cause severe dryness and pain, the fact that you have itching and burning severe enough to keep you up at night suggests that there may be something going on here that is not simply low estrogen. Yeast can cause itching, burning and discomfort, and we literally just had a post here from a mom who thought she had low-estrogen dryness but actually had a yeast infection.

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    Have you tried a personal lubricant? I have vaginal dryness with breastfeeding and I bought a mostly aloe vera based lubricant without chemicals, parabans etc. and that worked for me. I do agree you should check into yeast infection, that sounds like commons symptoms of yeast. I never had yeast infections until I gave birth. Good luck!

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