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    My 19 month old is weaned from nursing at night, and I still breast feed her 4 times during the day usually. Lately, my milk supply when I pump (after not nursing at night and even the first 2 times during the day) is very little, like not even 1 ounce. Is there anyway I can increase my milk so I can pump more. My daughter is only starting to drink water, and relies heavily on milk mixed with breast milk.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The best way to increase supply is to increase the frequency and intensity of demand. Nurse more or pump more, and you will make more. Nursing more often does more for supply than pumping, because babies tend to empty the breast more effectively than pumps do.

    Some other things to try:
    - try supply- increasing herbs (oatmeal, fenugreek)
    - review your birth control choices (hormonal contraception can sink supply)
    - make sure your pump is in good working order; replace any replaceable parts

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