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Thread: dull ache?

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    Both nipples are somewhat sore from poor latching, which we are working on. However, I have one breast that has an almost constant, very dull ache that is only relieved when I pump and then only for a few minutes. It's not shooting or very painful. It's just sort of there...like I feel a sensation in my breast constantly. I'm not engorged and it happens even when my breast is soft and generally in one large area. I've tried warm compresses but they don't do anything. Any ideas?

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    are you sick in general? I can always tell when I am catching something my breast will just hurt. you know sort of like when your legs hurt when you have the flu.
    how old is your baby?
    you might have a touch of thursh from antibotics in the hosptial.
    is your bra to small? That can make them hurt too.

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    Here's a link that may help you:


    Please note that if the pain has lasted more than 24 hours OR you start to develop flu-like symptoms, you should probably see a physician to rule out (or treat) mastitis. If you think it's headed toward that, get in and see someone soon, because this is a long weekend!
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