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Thread: does breast size matter?

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    Default does breast size matter?

    i was a 34a before i was pregnant and am now a 36b...not too much of an increase. anyhow, i'm wondering...does size matter? can i only produce so much that as my lo gets older (she's 3 months now), i won't be able to provide enough and have to supplement?

    if you're small breasted, what's your experience been? did you have to supplement? and if so, how did you come to that conclusion?
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    Default Re: does breast size matter?

    not at all. At a breastfeeding class before I gave birth, one of the women giving the lecture was still bfing her 2 year old and it would be generous to say she was an A cup. She told us it was her second child she has breastfed too. I wouldn' worry.

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    Default Re: does breast size matter?

    And on the flipside of that, I have 44Fs, and I have supply issues. You would think I have enough milk in there to feed quints, but nope. I'm working on fixing that (hello, fenugreek!), but in this case, size doesn't matter. Just don't tell the DHs that.

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    Default Re: does breast size matter?

    No, breast size doesn't matter. What matters is the amount of breast tissue.

    A breast is made up of breast tissue and fat. What determines the size of the breast is primarily the amount of fat you have. The more fat, the bigger the breast and vice-versa. All women have differing amounts of breast tissue. The more breast tissue you have, the more milk you can store in your breasts (and vice-versa). However, even if you have little breast tissue, it doesn't mean that you'll necessary have supply problems. You'll just have to nurse more often than a mom who has a lot of breast tissue (or milk storage space).

    I hope that makes sense!

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    Default Re: does breast size matter?

    I, too, am a 34A normally, and was a 36B when I started bfing....I always seemed to have enough for my lo. Believe it or not, although I was happy I had plenty of milk for my lo, I was sad that I was "larger"! I love being small!


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