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Thread: Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for twins?

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    Default Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for twins?

    I also posted this in the infant forum:

    Hi there,
    I have a 2 1/2 year old that weaned at about 10 months of age when I could not get him stop biting me.
    I'm now the mother of 4-month old twins. The twins never really latched great early on and after many tears, no sleep, and an endless cycle of breastfeed, pump, supplement, I "took a break" (really I gave up) and exclusively pumped. THis was somewhere around 4-6 weeks. When I began exclusively pumping I made just over an ounce / hr (maybe 26-30 ounces / day) and now I'm down to less than an ounce / hr (maybe 16-20 ounces / day).
    Of course the babies are completely nipple-confused on the rare occasion I've had the circumstance to just sit with one and work on it again.
    I'm having a hard time getting much of a milk ejection anymore (tried holding babies while I pump, imagery, etc) and doesn't help the situation.
    My question is whether anyone has ever re-introduced the breast to a weaned toddler in order to increase milk supply for their babies??? Ever heard of anyone attempting this?

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    Default Re: Re-introduce breast to toddler to increase supply for tw

    I haven't heard of anyone trying to unwean a toddler for precisely the reason you describe, but unweaning happens for lots of different reasons. I don't mean to sound discouraging, but usually when someone manages to get an older baby/toddler back to the breast, that child was a good and enthusiastic nurser prior to weaning and also wasn't weaned all that long ago. There's absolutely no harm in you trying to unwean your toddler, and it may work, but I also think that you'd probably have better luck trying with your twins- they are still nursing, after all.

    Some questions for you:
    - Have you seen an IBCLC?
    - Do you have a good pump?
    - Have you recently tried feeding the twins exclusively at the breast, perhaps using a nursing supplementer (Lact-Aid, Medla SNS)?

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