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Thread: Is it too late to increase supply?

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    Question Is it too late to increase supply?

    Hello all! I am new to this forum. My little one is 9 months old. I have breastfeeds since he was born. He did start on baby food at 6months because he was constantly hungry. That has worked well, but since Christmas, life has been crazy.. I have been extremely busy with life and have slacked off feeding like I want.. I am only feeding once, maybe twice a day now. I would really like to increase my supply so I can nurse more, but I'm worried since I have been slacked for 3 months now, it's too late. I also worry about him drinking too much water.... I try to give him plenty to prevent constipation, so I mix juice and water (half and half) and he drinks it thought the day... Any advice would be greatly appreciated on if its too late and the best way to increase my supply.. Thank you!!

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    It's not too late.

    To increase supply, milk should be removed more frequently, probably by nursing more often or alternatively by expressing milk with hands or with a pump. Aim for 8-10 times per 24 hours but you might decide to work your way up to that.

    I would also suggest you consider eliminating juice and cutting back a little on solids so that they will no longer replace breastmilk.

    I would also suggest not using pacifiers, spending lots of time with your baby in your arms, and sharing a bed with your baby.

    Until the first year of age, most of your baby's nutrition should come from breastmilk. If that is not available, then artificial baby milk (formula) should make up most of his nutrition, or some combination of the two. I would recommend speaking with tour baby's doctor to make sure he is getting adequate nutrition.

    This is really good of you to notice that breastfeeding is not going how you would like and to find ideas to change some things!

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    with the PP. It's never too late to increase supply. Moms can relactate after drying up completely, and moms who have never been pregnant or nursed a baby can lactate for their adopted children.

    The easiest way to get your supply back is to nurse more- if baby is willing, that is! Is he?

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