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Thread: Not feeling confident

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    Default Not feeling confident

    My son is 11 months.
    He is meeting milestones and is very happy.
    He eats on demand and only in rare cases is he frustrated at the breast. He eats solids but I haven't supplemented with formula, and very very rarely have I "topped him off" with expressed milk.

    I just don't feel good about out breastfeeding relationship lately. I am not weaning, but I feel like if I wanted to, my boy wouldn't even care.

    He's not gaining weight well, either. I know it slows at this point, but (according to my home scale) he hasn't gained any weight in over 3 weeks. He's 16lbs 1oz. I just don't know.

    How do I know if I have to supplement? I want my boy to gain weight and I want to keep breastfeeding. He nurses in the morning, has 3 bottles and lots of snacks and lunch while I am at work, nurses as soon as we get home, eats dinner, nurses before bed and once over night. Daycare has to kind of force him to drink his bottles, he's a busy body. His best nursing sessions are in the morning and in the middle of the night.

    I just feel down lately. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. Do I need to force him to eat more? I feel like he's trying to drop nursing sessions/bottles and I'm fighting to keep them.
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    Default Re: Not feeling confident

    I worried a bit at that age too. My voracious nurser just wasn't interested. It lasted a month or two and then I was pulling my hair out for weeks because he wanted to nurse again ALL THE TIME. I've seen a couple other mothers say the same so maybe it's some developmental shift. I'd keep offering but not fight about it. Once the molars come in he'll probably comfort nurse more.

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