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Thread: some insight into what's been going on

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    Default some insight into what's been going on

    I've had a few threads about some issues I've had with nursing, mostly that it makes me pretty unhappy for a number of reasons and I'm doing my best to hold on to the year mark. At first, I had considered and then dismissed the idea of DMER because I had the impression that DMER was more of a momentary experience, but with me it can go on the whole nursing session.

    I met with a therapist today to talk about both this and my post partum depression. She had done some research on my breastfeeding issue and her take is that it could be DMER, my mood drops and then because I've also dealt with depression my brain kind of seizes on that feeling and I get kind of stuck there, like I'm in a trough. She was definitely supportive of my continuing to nurse. At this point, my daughter still nurses a lot for comfort and stopping abruptly would only create unhappiness.

    We're going to work on some coping techniques in the coming weeks. More than anything else, it was just great to have someone to talk to. Since we moved, I hardly ever talk to anyone other than my daughter and my husband. I tried talking to my friends about my issue, but they just don't understand it and they just thought that I was saying that I don't like nursing. I've tried explaining that's not really what's goingon, but they didn't get it. My family is pretty much useless when it comes to breastfeeding advice and for some reason, I can never seem to make it to my local LLL meeting. So I'm feeling more optimistic at this point.

    She's six weeks shy of a year (oh, god, I can't believe that). I'm not going to cut her off on her first birthday, but I think that making it to that point will take some of the pressure off if I can get her past the point that she would need formula if I quit nursing. At some point after that, I can cut back on nursing slowly. I know that's not the preferred way around here, but I'm just not going to make it to age 2.

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    Default Re: some insight into what's been going on

    Hi mama, that's great that you found someone supportive to talk to and got some ideas for coping techniques. I think it's great that you've made it this far despite these challenges and once you hit that one-year mark, you can take it one day at a time. Hang in there!

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    6 weeks is not far at all, and it's great that you got some support, I've read your threads and I admire you for your courage and honesty, and for doing what you can to give the best to your baby.
    I've also seek help outside of my family when I felt stressed out and no one understood me or when I simply needed an outside perspective of things that my family or friends could not give me. (it was when I was in my third trimester, but I would do it again if I needed to!)
    Sometimes is best to talk to a total stranger about things!
    You are doing great!!

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    Default Re: some insight into what's been going on


    I came across this story a few months back. Maybe it'll help you feel a bit better or at least less alone. It's absolutely awesome you've overcome everything this far, father than many women go. Don't let anyone give you any guilt about weaning. It's entirely YOUR choice.
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