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Thread: Medical issues told to stop nursing

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    I have had mastitis 3 times a clogged milk duct and a large (8cm) breast abscess. I had the abscess drained by a surgeon. I had a small incision and packing in the open wound. The surgeon told me to stop breast feeding completely. I didn't listen and just pumped and dumped. Had a follow up apt with surgeon on week post op. told him I was pumping and dumping and wasn't ready to stop nursing. Asked if I could start now and he said he wanted to see me in a week and we would talk then. My LC said she can't tell me to go against the md but gave me all the articles that said you should continue to nurse immediately after. What do you guys think about this?

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    I should also add that I am on augmentin. The surgeon told me that I shouldn't nurse also because the baby would get sick. I just don't understand how my son could get sick off of my milk? Help me! Don't know what to do

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    Hi, and welcome

    How old is your baby? Is the surgeon you dealt with used to dealing with breastfeeding mothers? From everything I've read, there's no need to stop breastfeeding after a needle biopsy/breast drainage. There's just a risk for leaked milk, from what I understand. Is the area healing well? Besides, I would think that if you're prone to mastitis and clogged ducts, weaning would be especially tricky and slow anyway to avoid repeat bouts. I don't even think you need to pump and dump. According to the Dr. Sears website, augmentin is safe for breastfeeding, but you could always give the nice folks at Motherisk/Infantrisk a call for more info. Here's a LLL article that might be good to read too http://www.lalecheleague.org/llleade...jan03p136.html

    My last suggestion is to call a local LLL leader, who might have experience dealing with this. Good luck!

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    Hi mama, according to kelly mom (http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastf...approved-meds/), amoxicillin (the antibiotic in augmentin) has an L1 rating from Dr. Hale, the doctor who runs Infantrisk. L1 is the safest rating category.

    Here's another link about breast abscess: http://www.llli.org/ba/may01.html

    According to this article:
    "Breast abscesses may be simple or complex. They require surgical drainage. Breastfeeding may continue as long as the incision is away from the nipple and does not interfere with latch-on.2, 4"

    I agree with carm3 that you want to keep nursing when you have mastitis. Mastitis is often triggered by a plugged duct that occurs when the breast is not adequately drained. So not nursing sets you up for more problems. The bacteria that gave you mastitis came from your baby's mouth to begin with, so it's not correct that they would make baby sick. Here's another quote from that article:

    "Breastfeeding should continue, as the baby is the most efficient remover of milk; there is no significant risk to the baby from the infection or from the common antibacterial therapies.2, 3, 4"

    With all due respect to your surgeon, many doctors really do not know much about breastfeeding. Keep pushing.

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    Are you able to get a second opinion? Perhaps the LC would have a recommendation for someone for that even if she can't directly contradict the doc?

    Here's contact for the helpline mentioned above you could try.

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    Default Re: Medical issues told to stop nursing

    Did your LC give you this?


    It is written by and for doctors and includes regular mastitis, and breast abscess and MRSA recommendations.

    Do you need the doctor’s permission to nurse your baby? I am foggy on this point.

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    My baby was prescribed augmentin for an ear infection, for what it's worth. I am certain it is safe to take while breastfeeding.

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    18 years ago I had a breast lump (adnoma) removed when my baby was 5 weeks old and I was breast feeding. (Not mastitis, but breast surgery nonetheless). Breastfed before and after surgery with the surgeon's approval. I'm not giving advice, I'm just sayin'...

    Hope everything all works out in your favor!

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