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Thread: Screaming through the night 2 week old

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    Default Screaming through the night 2 week old

    My 2 week old screams throughout the night. At first I thought he was hungry and just kept feeding him but he won't eat at times. He will tense his tummy up like he has gas at times. He only does this throughout the night starting around 11pm and on and off until around 6am. He is exclusively breast fed. I'm a FTM and have no idea what to do. I rarely get any sleep at night. Luckily, after he falls asleep in the morning I can get a couple hours of sleep. I just feel so helpless. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hello and congratulations on your new baby!

    Those first few weeks are so difficult! Assuming your baby checks out fine by his MD, it's probably just normal newborn fussies Lots of newborns tend to be fussier at night for various reasons (overtired, overstimulated, gassy, etc.). I think you're right on to keep offering the breast. If he takes it, great! If not and he is still fussy, try some different things to soothe him - keeping him close to you will definately help. If you think it's gas, try varying his position (laying on different sides, bicycling his legs, etc.). Newborn babies are also often soothed by loud, white noise. My babies definately were, as well as darkness (think - he just spent 9 months in a very dark and loud environment - your womb!). So try and simulate that. I found that a bathroom with all the lights off (and the blinds closed if there is a window) and the bathroom fan on worked wonders for those mysterious fussies.

    At 2 weeks everything is still so new, for both of you! As you get to know him you'll figure out what works - hang in there!
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    Default Re: Screaming through the night 2 week old

    What kind of sleeping arrangements do you have? Is he in the room with you? In the bed with you?

    How do your days go? Does he nurse okay? Does he nap during the day?

    Any way your husband/partner can take him during those times when he's fussy at night, but won't nurse to give you a little bit of a break?
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    My little guy did this when he was overtired/overstimulated/kept up too late. Usually swaddling + darkness + loud white noise helped, while my husband or I held him. That would almost always calm him down enough to the point where I could nurse him to sleep.

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    Was he recently circumcised?

    What was delivery like? Did you receive pain meds during or after birth? These can affect his mood/wakefulness, then his behavior can change and take a while to get adjusted once it wears off.

    The good news is that whatever is making him fussy will probably go away. He is new to this life, getting used to his body. Keeping him close with his bare skin on your bare skin will help him adjust more peacefully!

    Moms can try lots of different tricks (swaddling, white noise, bouncing, gripe water, formula, bicycling, etc.), and usually in the end, nursing is the solution to all babies' ills! And getting older

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    Default Re: Screaming through the night 2 week old

    We just had a similar experience with our now 11 week old. At around 2 weeks, he started fussing and crying uncontrollably for hours at night (and well into the morning!)! He often wouldn't nurse either, and would stiffen up and arch his back from gas pains. At around 4 weeks, we brought him to a chiropractor to be adjusted. We saw a WORLD of difference!! Turns out his neck was out of place (from a traumatic birth), and he has a hiatal hernia, causing acid reflux. Also found out that he was reacting to some of the foods that mommy was eating. Getting him adjusted and learning how to deal with these issues has helped so much. He's a completely different baby- and we are all getting much more sleep.

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