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Thread: Full after nursing on one side

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    Lately my 3 1/2 month old DS will only nurse from 1 side and then when I offer the other breast he is not interested at all. Then at the next feeding I'll feed him from the side he didn't want and when I offer the other side he doesn't want it. He doesn't seem hungry after eating. He is eating every 2 hours right now and gaining weight fine. Is this normal that he is filling up on one side?

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    It's quite possible that he's filling up on just one breast. More than likely he will one day decide that he wants both sides, but for now, just keep offering the second breast every time, and not stressing if baby seems uninterested.

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    I don't know about "normal" in a textbook sense, but that was very normal for us! My LO took only one breast per feeding for a long time (like 8 months). His growth/development was healthy. I realize now that I had a slight oversupply so he was full and happy on one side at a time. Now he takes both sides, most of the time. So maybe your baby will take both sides at some point, but if he is happy now with one (with good growth, stooling, etc) then I wouldn't sweat it

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    DS1 only nursed on one side from Day 1. I would try both breasts and he wouldn't take the 2nd one. He gained weight very quickly and was a chubby baby. I don't think it was until about 8mos old that he decided he wanted both sides. As long as he's happy and healthy and gaining weight with no problems and getting plenty of pee and poo diapers, I wouldn't be concerned. Everyone always told me that he should be taking both sides for atleast 10-20mins each, and I freaked out for the first 2 or 3 weeks of his life because from Day 1 he'd nurse on ONE side for about 7-10mins and be done. I was afraid I was doing something wrong but once he started gaining weight and he was healthy.

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