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    I have a 3 1/2 month old DS. I was wondering when would it be okay to give bottle so DH could occassionally feed him? Also, when would be the best time of day to pump and how much?

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    Hi, I started mine on the bottle when he was 7 weeks to make sure he takes the bottle when I return to work in a week (he will be 12 weeks then). This time around I wanted to give us enough time to find a bottle/nipple he likes. With my first I made the mistake of not giving us enough time to find the right system so that by the time ai returned to work we still hadn't found the right one. Boy was that stressful to add on to the already stressful situation of returning to work. So to answer your question, I would start giving him a bottle now. Hopefully you find the right system sooner rather than later. My first ended up liking the Nuk orthodontic nipple. The baby also took to the orthodontic nipples from Playtex and Nuk. I am pumping once a day first thing in the morning in between the 3am-ish and 6am-ish feeds. This is so I have a backup stash for when I return to work. I've read that morning is the best time to pump since this is when your supply is highest. I pump for about 15 minutes or 2 letdowns. I guess how much you will pump depends on how much you will need for when you are away from baby. I've read they take 1-1.5 oz. of bm per hour you are apart. Good Luck with everything!

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    So often a 3.5-month-old can go 2-3 hours without eating while Mom is away, and bottle feeding isn't really a necessity. Using the bottle as a way for dad to bond with the baby can introduce problems and undermine's the uniquely feminine role of breastfeeding. I get that lots of families decide to use supplemental bottles via dad for various reasons. It just might be helpful to really think if there is another way to bond besides taking over mom's job. Here are some ideas:


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    Thanks for the great ideas. Baby is eating every 2 hours during the day right now.

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