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Thread: Support for a Friend

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    Question Support for a Friend

    I have been breastfeeding for 9 months now and I'm preganant and planning to tandem nurse. My friend just had a baby last thursday, and I do not know what the doctor's are thinking but they forced her to supplement.
    I am sooo mad
    She had a beautiful baby girl 6lb 12oz that went home weighing 6lb 9oz by breastfeeding only. I think that was great, because my baby nearly dropped 7 oz at the hospital. Now everybody is cohersing her to supplement because since the baby cries they say its because she's hungry. I've been trying to tell her that this is supply and demand. The more you nurse, the more milk she will have.
    Any suggestions on how to persuade her to keep nursing?

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    There's a lot of breastfeeding misinformation out there in the medical community. Your friend is lucky to know a more experienced mom (you) who is successfully nursing.

    If she'll read stuff, print out useful pages on breastfeeding basics from kellymom.com or from the LLL website. If she's online, encourage her to post here. If she's more of a face-to-face communicator, encourage her to call a local LLL Leader, or speak with a lactation consultant -- specifically ask about when supplementing is necessary and how to avoid unnecessary supplements.

    Also keep in mind, however, that whether and how to nurse is your friend's decision ultimately. I've learned over the years that there is a fine line sometimes between encouraging and pressuring. Try to communicate to her your support and confidence in her mothering while you share objective factual information.


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    As always, Rebecca offers good advice. If she's up to it, perhaps she might be inspired by going to a local LLL meeting.

    I know that if I were you, however, inside I would also be angry and frusterated. You know first hand what a wonderful experience bf is and I'm sure you want to share that bond with your friend. Perhaps another angle you might take is to explain that to her as well.

    I agree that ultimately, it's her choice and the best thing to do is offer information and support the mother. Is her dh supportive? If you can get him on board it may be easier.
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