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Thread: Nursing through naps

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    Default Nursing through naps

    My LO is 14 weeks old. Has been EBF since birth, gaining well, and up until a couple weeks ago sleeping well- gotta love infant sleep! He usually naps on me during the day. Lately he will nurse throughout his nap. He nurses down, unlatches himself, the periodically latches on every so often until he wakes, sometimes more than others. He's also waking more frequently at night now. Is this ok behavior? I dont want to create a problem for us.He'll be starting daycare Monday and I just fear so many changes will rock his little world.
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    All sounds normal!

    My LO is 15 weeks today, and she started napping the same way with me last week. I am going back to work in mid-March, and it stresses me out tons to think about it, so I know how you feel! That said, I have had a few meetings here and there recently, and even though this is the current nap normal while my LO is with me, she slept fine for her caregiver every time I was out. They figure out different routines with different people. I let my baby nurse and nap however she likes while I am around, because she knows nursing is an option when I am there, and knows it is not an option when I am not there.

    Good luck next week, hopefully the transition will be smooth.

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