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Thread: 11 week old sick and feeding less, worried about milk supply

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    Default 11 week old sick and feeding less, worried about milk supply

    I developed Mastitis this week and had to go on antibiotics. My 11 week old developed the cold after I started on the antibiotics. He is coughing and his nose is running. He is still nursing but he is definitely eating less and I am worried about my milk supply. Will I have enough to feed him when he is better and wants to eat more? I am expressing once a day, but is this enough? I don't want to express too much because I don't want to create an over supply. Please help

    Also he is refusing to take a bottle so I really need to make sure my milk supply is ok.

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    Default Re: 11 week old sick and feeding less, worried about milk su

    Mastitis is sometimes related to milk not being removed. Was that the case with you? Like, did your baby start scaling back nursing before his cold?

    A well-established milk supply is fairly hardy and can withstand the normal ups and downs in the normal course of breastfeeding. So, is your milk supply well established? That is, did you get off to a rough start at all? Have you had concerns with milk supply? It typically takes about 6 weeks to establish milk supply if all goes well, longer if there are set-backs.

    Colds often are at their worst for only a few days. Milk supply can often handle a few days of less nursing. And then it would take about as long to get it back to where it was before (a few days for milk supply to go down, a few days to go back up.)

    Sometimes moms of sick babies that don't want to nurse feel more content when they spend the day lounging with the sick baby, making sure it's available whenever the mood hits. It's like his medicine!

    You can certainly keep an eye on wet/messy diapers.

    Typically babies this age nurse 8-10 times or more per 24 hours, so you might decide to pump the number of times to make up the difference. That is, if he nurses 7 times in a 24 hour period, you could make sure to pump 2-3 times to make up for that. That way, you'll make sure you're not producing an oversupply by pumping too much!

    Anything else going on about the time that you developed mastitis that might have contributed to what's going on?

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: 11 week old sick and feeding less, worried about milk su

    Assuming milk production was in good, normal shape to begin with, I would suggest there is no need to worry too much about baby nursing less often for just a few days due to a stuffy nose. Any small decline in production will ramp back up with more frequent nursing. But I would be concerend about a mastitis relapse if you get engorged or overly full as a result of the less frequent nursing. Mamamia has good suggestions.

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