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Thread: A new mom needs your support please!

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    Default A new mom needs your support please!

    Hey all,
    I am so happy to join you here i live in US alone with my husband and got so confusing advices from too many people and discovered they were all wrong

    in the first days after going home from hospital people told me you don't have enough milk and we started to supplement with formula which i really hated. we are unexperienced and we were giving him everytime he cries and after a week i decided to decrease the formula intake and trying to rely only on breast milk i wasn't sleeping at all because i know i don't have enough milk because of formula we gave to him all the time so i was nursing 24/7.
    Now, he is 4 weeks and 5 days, we stopped the formula since he was 3 weeks, i take fenugreek pills, mother's milk, lactation cookies and i feel improvement in my milk supply. but i drink like 5 500ml bottles of water per day -> should i increase it ? i try as much as i can but still i end up with only 5

    my problem is that he nurses in the morning every 2-3 hrs for 1-2 hrs every feeding session and that's good for me. In the evening from 9 pm he begins nursing (and i feel my milk supply is low in the evening) till 7 or 9 am !!!! i know he is hungry and i feel so bad because i don't try to give him formula but NO i won't get back to these awful days of formula.

    Please Help me why my milk supply is low at night and how to improve it ? i REALLY NEED TO SLEEP at night and i dream of making a sleeping schedule for him.
    P.S. i have a Lansinoh breast pump double electric but i use it twice in the morning only.

    Your help is really appreciated

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    Hi mama, welcome to the forum! That's great that you are back to breastfeeding.

    Some questions for you: how has baby's weight gain been? If you can post a complete weight history that would be helpful. Also, how is baby's diaper output? How much formula was he getting at 3 weeks? Did you stop the formula all at once, or gradually?

    It is normal for a newborn baby to nurse all the time. 10-12 times per 24 hours or more. That is how baby gets mama's milk to come in. And a newborn baby has a tiny stomach, and breastmilk is digested more easily than formula. So a baby will eat, digest, eat, digest etc. etc. Really the early weeks are all about eating and growing! In your case, since baby was on formula for a while, he needs to nurse extra much to bring your supply back up. So putting him on a schedule right now or otherwise restricting his milk intake would not be a good idea. The good news is that as your milk supply improves, and when baby gets a little older, he may start to give you a bit of a longer stretch at night. Not sleeping for 12 hours at a time, but maybe 3 or 4 or 5. He may do that once in 24 hours. The rest of the time, every 2-3 hours, or even more frequently, is very normal for a breastfed baby. In fact, you may want to offer more than that.

    So how do you manage feeding baby all day and all night? Yes, you need sleep. But you are not going to get an uninterrupted night of 8 hours of sleep. So you have to figure out ways to get enough sleep despite that. Like, taking naps with baby during the day. Nursing baby in the side-lying position at night, in your bed, so you can doze while you nurse him. Getting help with other household chores so that you don't exhaust yourself with activities other than taking care of baby.

    In terms of increasing supply, it's all supply and demand. The more you nurse and/or pump, the more your supply will increase. Depending on where your supply is now, pumping in addition to nursing may be advisable to help increase your supply. Baby's weight gain and diaper output can help judge that. You may also want to consider visiting with a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. They can weigh baby before and after feeding to determine how much baby is taking in with a feeding, and also make sure baby's latch is good etc.

    In terms of your water drinking, it is important to stay hydrated, but you don't have to force yourself to drink. Let your thirst be the guide. If you are thirsty, drink. You don't necessarily need more than 2.5L in a day, though.

    Also, it's normal for there to be less milk in the evening and at night, and for babies to nurse more at those times.

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    Thank you for your reply
    His weight is good and the ped is very happy with it. it was 7 lb 7 oz at birth after 3 days was 6lb 9 oz and at 1 month 8lb and 9oz.
    He has many wet and dirty diapers most of the time green loose stool.
    I was giving formula 4oz after every breastfeeding and then every other feeding and then twice a day and then 2 oz a day
    I understand your point but he cries for food from 9 pm till 9 am continuously he sleeps roughly 10 hrs a day

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    what do you think should i do for this continuous need for food ? is it normal? when will it stop?

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    Your baby has a constant need for food because he is growing at an incredible rate. He is growing faster now than he ever will again in his life. Your baby is growing well and your pediatrician is happy, you have been able to get baby off the supplements and your baby is doing excellently exclusively nursing. everything sounds normal. I am not even sure you need to be taking all these things to increase your milk production. You may or you may not I just don't know enough about the situation. But normally the way to keep milk production where it needs to be is to let baby nurse as much baby wants. Which will normally be a lot
    As baby gets older it will slow down as his growth rate slows down.

    EDIT Oh sorry I see you say your baby is crying all night. ok so that is your concern? So even when he nurses he doesn't settle down?
    Green poops might indicate that you have forceful letdown that can also cause tummy upset do you think that might be part of the problem?
    Also I've heard of fenugreek causing tummy troubles for baby.
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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    I'm wondering about the forceful letdown too, and reflux. For example, with my baby, I could not lie her down again immediately after nursing at the beginning, I guess because of reflux (she was spitting up a lot too). It helped to keep her upright with lots of burping for a period of time (maybe 15 or 20 minutes) after nursing. This did not go on forever, maybe for a couple months?

    Another question is, whether baby has reversed day/night cycles? This is common in young babies. When is baby getting his 10 hours of sleep in? Is it mostly during the day? In order to help set baby's circadian rhythm, I made an effort to expose my baby to sunlight in the morning by taking her for a walk (of course, I protected her from direct sun exposure to her skin by clothing, shade etc).

    Also, sometimes babies are fussy for reasons other than being hungry. When baby is fussy, I usually do offer to nurse first, but if that doesn't help, young babies love motion - rocking, bouncing on an exercise ball, swing etc. And, where is baby sleeping? Baby may simply not like being put down by himself in a crib.

    But one thing is for sure, all that nursing seems to have gotten your supply back up, you should feel very proud of yourself for getting off the supplements and back to exclusive breastfeeding!

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    he settles down when he nurses yes but because he nurses all this period of time he becomes upset when he finds no milk and i do squeeze my breasts and find no milk too, does that mean that i don't have milk for that moment ? what should i do in this situation?
    i sometimes keep him upright but not when he sleeps after nursing, i will do it thank you. he spits up a lot yah
    do you think i have a forceful let down ? i am stressed all the time that i may be don't have enough milk for him actually? i am not confident at all with this matter
    YES he reverses day n night and these days he wakes up all night in need for milk. sleeps 2 or 3 hrs every 2 hrs or less. i hope he do this all the 24 hrs . that's my dream

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    Your breasts are never empty. So don't worry about that. Even if you can't get any out with a pump or by hand-expressing. You say he is having many dirty diapers - I assume many a day? That is a good indication that your supply is fine. Along with the fact that he is gaining well.
    Another idea is, offer more frequently during the day. So rather than eating all night long, let him eat all day long, and then maybe you can start getting those 2-3 hour stretches at night, rather than during the day.
    Forceful letdown: if baby comes off the breast after you letdown, does milk spray out? Does baby choke or gag when milk first comes down? Do you feel the letdown? Green poops and gassiness can also be a sign. As can rapid weight gain.

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    yah he poops mostly 3 times a day.
    no my milk may spray only if i squeeze my breast. sometimes i feel my breasts slightly engorged but baby never choke or gag when milk first comes down
    i am worried about the green poops the ped told me because you eat vegies but can one cucumber a day do that ?

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    Default Re: A new mom needs your support please!

    ped told me because you eat vegies but can one cucumber a day do that ?
    So what if it does? Do you like cucumber? then eat it! Green poop in a healthy infant is not a health issue. Some babies simply poop green some of the time. People will tgell you you have to wtch what you eat due to gas, green poops, etc. etc. They are WRONG. IN most cases, a breastfeeding mother can pretty much eat whatever she likes.

    Forceful letdown does not neccesarily mean milk sprays out of the breast. Sometimes it does and sometimes not, there are several indicators of forceful letdown and few peopl see all of them. HOWEVER, since your baby nurses happily and you are not having extrme engorgement then even if you have forceful letdown, it's not a problem. So, no worries.
    I strongly urge you to try to not worry so much. I think you confidence was undermined by all the (possibly uneeded) interventions in the early weeks. Try to relax, nurse your baby when your baby cues or whenever you like, and relax and enjoy your baby. Your baby will need to eat frequently all day and night, for many months yet. It's normal. Your milk production does fluctuate. That is normal too. It's fine, truly. All sounds entirely normal.
    A good book is The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) Also if there are any local breastfeeding groups, try to check those out. You can get lots of support here but actually seeing other breastfeeding pairs can be so helpful.

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