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Thread: FTM Just returned to work

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    Today was my first day back to work My LO is 6 Weeks and we did great with breast feeding while I was home. We have been feeding him on demand about every 21/2 to 3 hours and a little longer at night(about 4 hrs) I was finding it hard to find times to pump to stock up for when I would go back to work, so I decided to pump on one side while feeding him on the other. I was able to get 6 3oz bottles made up for starting him off. Today daycare said he ate almost 4 of the bottles. I was able to pump 4 bottles for him while away. It seems as if I am literally only producing what he is eating. What if one day he decides he wants more!? I would be out of my stock. I also know that eventually he will begin to eat more and I am worried that my supply will not be enough?! Should I continue to pump on the side that I am not feeding him at night to increase my supply?? I thinkn I am getting worried because this Friday I will be working a 12hr shift and am worried he will run out at daycare.
    Thanks for the help and support!

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    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like your pump output is normal and equivalent to baby's needs, so don't freak out yet. But if you want to build up an additional cushion for days when your LO wants more milk or in case there's a spill or something, here are some things you can do:
    - Make sure you have the best pump for your needs. A mom who is working full-time needs a good pump. Most working moms seem to have success with pumps like the Medela Pump in Style, or machines in that range.
    - Make sure you have the right size of breast shields, in order to maximize stimulation and milk removal.
    - If pumping at work is not getting you enough milk, consider pumping after nursing when you are home with your baby. Additional stimulation will build supply, and an oz here or there can really start to add up!
    - Try hands-free pumping during your commute (you'll need a pumping bra and a car adapter for your pump).
    - If you are doing one-sided feedings, definintely pump the unused breast during or after nursing!

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    Hi mama, your body is used to making exactly what LO is drinking, so it makes sense that you would be pumping what he is drinking. In fact, that means you have a good response to the pump, since for some mothers the pump can be less efficient than nursing. Anyway, just wanted to add that the amount a breastfed baby drinks does not increase as he gets older, except occasionally during a growth spurt when milk consumption may transiently increase. But I agree that if you do want to build up a small supply of extra milk, a little extra pumping - whether increasing your pumping time at work, or sneaking in an extra pump on the weekends or at night - can get you there. And I definitely want to second making sure you have a good pump. It makes a big difference! Lastly - just want to say I know how hard it is to go back to work at 6 weeks. It gets better. Hang in there!

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