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Thread: 7.5 month old didn't drink ANY EMB at daycare

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    Default 7.5 month old didn't drink ANY EMB at daycare

    My 7.5 month old DD just started daycare last week. She'll be attending two days a week, and will be babysat by her grandparents one morning/week. The rest of the time she's with me.

    She has only been to daycare once so far, and spent one morning with her grandparents, so I know things might just adjust on their own, but I'd like to hear your experiences and advice anyway.

    Here's the deal: Up until 2-3 weeks ago, she would not take bottles reliably (sometimes she would, sometimes she wouldn't, and it was hard to say what made the difference). Then suddenly, while she had a stuffed nose, she accepted it and did reliably since then. So I sent 3 bottles of EMB with ~100ml (3oz) each to daycare on her first day. From what came back, I'd say she drank maybe... 10-20ml, TOTAL. In other words: nothing.

    The next morning with her grandparents she had a bit, but not very much.

    Did this happen to you? How long did it last? What did you do? What do you recommend?

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    Default Re: 7.5 month old didn't drink ANY EMB at daycare

    My LO was refusing bottles at first as well. It was heart breaking because when I was gone he would scream for me and refuse a bottle. My husband worked on him at a time. One thing I did was buy a bottle warmed that warms milk to an exact 98 degrees, which is what temp. breastmilk is straight from the breast (Approx). Be sure that his provider is snuggling him in a position that is close to his bfing position with you. Another thing you could try to sending him to daycare with a blanket that smells like you (by sleeping on it one night) so the provider can use that while feeding him. I hope these suggestions help. Good luck!

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