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Thread: Baby pulling back during feedings

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    I am breastfeeding my 10 day old daughter and we are doing pretty well. We are getting into a decent routine, however she is pulling back during feedings and it is causing me pain. She pulls back her head with my nipple still in her mouth and squishes my nipple or even unlatches. It hurts, and then she immediately wants back on. If I keep a hand behind her head to prevent her from pulling back we end up in a frustrating "battle". I read that this could indicate oversupply but I don't think that is our situation because she doesn't have the other signs listed. Also, she pulls back during the entire feeding (not just the beginning or end). Does anyone have any advice because this is contributing to sore nipples. Or is this normal for newborns?

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    Hi and welcome! This behavior is pretty common, but it still makes sense to try to work on improving it. Best if nursing is comfortable for all involved. As I am sure you are discovering, you are nursing a lot!

    Pressing or pressure on the back of a baby's head-even very light pressure- actually causes many babies to pull back as you describe. So if it is not forceful letdown, you might want to consider trying a different position that brings baby onto the breast without you having to hold baby's head. If you do need to steady babies head, try holding baby with your hand more behind baby's upper back/ shoulders.

    What positions have you tried? here are some ideas for different positions;http://www.llli.org/faq/positioning.html

    laid back positioning or sidelying may help the most with this. Relax and play around to find the positions that work best for you and dear baby. there is no one 'right' way to nurse your baby.

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