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Thread: nervous about bottles and sitters

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    Default nervous about bottles and sitters

    D is 10 months old and was in daycare from 10 weeks until she was about 8 months, and during that time she got pumped BM through a bottle when she was there. I've been at home with her for about the past two months, and I think she's used to nursing. The last few times someone's tried giving her a bottle, she's turned it down.

    I am doing some work as a free-lancer and really need to hire a sitter for a few days per week in order to get my work done. I think it would be best if I leave the house while I do this, and, also I think it would be a nice break to get some time to myself. In order to make this worth my while, I really need to work in about a 4-hour chunk. If you figure 20 minutes on each end to leave the house, go somewhere--a cafe or the library, etc., get set up, drive home when I'm done, etc., that would be close to 5 hours. I'm guessing that she'll be pretty hungry by then, but I'm worried about the fact that she won't be taking a bottle.

    First of all, I am nervous about leaving her with a sitter. Other than her daycare, she's never been with someone who wasn't family. And for the past two months, we've barely spent more than a few hours apart. So I'm nervous about leaving her with a sitter. I wasn't planning on doing a full four to five hour stretch at first, more like 2 hours just to get her acclimated to it. But if I'm going to get work done, I really will need to be gone for more time than that. Any tips for this?

    The second part of this is that she doesnt' seem interested in taking bottles anymore. Any tips on getting her to take a bottle again? Is it possible that if she's hungry enough, she'll decide to take it?

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    Default Re: nervous about bottles and sitters

    Re: sitter. Check references. Do the background check. Ask lots of questions. Anyone who refuses to answer anything or makes you feel anything but comfortable is a bad fit.

    We had some transitions with bottles when I was home, not home, then home and not home again. Our awesome nanny made everything work, but DD was younger. Have you thought about a sippy cup? There's one with a silicone spout that seems like a great bottle transition. NUK silicone spout cup.
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    Default Re: nervous about bottles and sitters

    Just a thought, and feel free to disagree as it really appears you've given this a lot of thought already ; but if you've been working from home so far, with the lo to focus on in addition to your work, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much more you are able to accomplish when you go somewhere else to work. Maybe you'll find you don't even need to be away as long as you initially thought.

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    Default Re: nervous about bottles and sitters

    thank you both.

    I think my main concern about the sitter isn't so much the sitter's credentials. We put an ad on care.com and I've had responses from lots of what look to be good people so far, so I think we'll be able to find someone good. My concern is more about her reaction to being with a sitter. When she first started daycare, she was 10 weeks. I was nervous about leaving her, but her reaction was "Hey, it's all good. These seem like nice people that I can charm with my cuteness." I'm more concerned that now that she's more attached to me and more aware of when I'm not there, that she'll have a harder time of it. Or, maybe I'm just flattering myself.

    I thought about the sippy cup. We're getting her used to the sippy cup with water. she seems to have the basic hang of holding it and taking a drink from it. But then it dribbles down her front like Rocky Balboa. She doesn't quite have the hang of swallowing what she takes in. So I'm just concerned that she'd do that with the breast milk. I guess maybe the only way to know is to give it to her and see.

    Pianosinger, that's true. However, I might also use some time to do something crazy for myself like go to a yoga or dance class or meet a friend for lunch. : )

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    Default Re: nervous about bottles and sitters

    Yes, you're flattering yourself!

    In all seriousness, I was the same way when it came to leaving DD. She was 6 months and we hadn't left her -- not even grandmas (which looking back, was inevitable with a first baby but really unnecessary.) I was convinced she'd be really hungry, wouldn't take a bottle, and would be so difficult that the sitter would get frustrated and not treat her well.

    Well... after 10 mins of warm-up time with the sitter she hadn't noticed I was in the room. I said a goodbye, left, and that was that. Like you, I can work from home but work better at a cafe. For the first week or so I stayed home and nursed when she got fussy -- not hungry but fussy. This was also probably unnecessary as I wasn't giving the sitter & DD to work it out together. Long story short, when I did leave the house for longer stretches DD was fine! She had no problem with the bottle either. The sitter was really good, too, about giving it to her in a position similar to BF. It's definitely something to ask a potential sitter about.

    Good luck & let your girl surprise you!
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