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Thread: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

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    Default 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    Hi ladies,

    I have been bf'ing since baby was born, and introduced minimal solids at 6 months, recently ramping up to 2-3 times a day for her (veggies, meat, and some rice.) She breastfeeds roughly every 2-3 hours, except from 6-10, where she sleeps. She feeds every 2 hours on the mark at night.
    She is pretty active during the day- bouncing around, crawling etc. We spend almost every moment together, cosleep etc.
    She was very big at birth, and is 98% for height and head size, but she has been dropping from 98% to 77% in weight, and still lower..

    I have not given her formula ( or any dairy) since the week she was born. I tried lactation cookies (many many kinds.) I am not on any meds etc, and I have not had my monthly cycle return. I try to pump once a day, in the morning when she eats her solids breakfast, for when I go back to work- but I barely get an ounce or 2 most days. I used to be able to feed her on one side and have her satisfied, but lately, she is still looking for more after both sides feel empty.. I let her suckle as long as she wants and on demand.

    I have to wonder if I am making enough milk to sustain the growth she still is doing. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks!

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    Default Re: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    So she's still gaining some weight, just dropping in percentiles? Very, very common at this age when babies become mobile. My ds dropped from the 90th to the 60th percentiles from 6 to 9 months.


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    Default Re: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    All that motion burns a ton of calories! Both my girls dropped from the top of the charts (like 95-99th percentiles) down to around the 75-85th percentile zone as they became increasingly active.

    Is your baby being measured on the new WHO charts for breastfed babies, or the old CDC charts, compiled using data from predominantly formula-fed babies? The growth patterns of breastfed and formula-fed infants are quite different; breastfed babies tend to slow their rate of weight gain as they enter the second half of the first year, whereas formula-fed babies tend to gain faster in their second six months. So the curves look very different. Measure a breastfed baby by the CDC charts, and she will appear to be gaining "too fast" in her first 6 months (approximately) and "too slow" in her second 6 months (again, approximately).

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    Default Re: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    My 10 month old has only gained about 1 pound since his 6 month check up. Went from off the charts, to just under 90% at 9 months.
    His docter was not too concerned because he is so active.

    He also seems hungry all the time now and nurses both sides, whereas he used to be satisfied after only one.
    I just feed him often-both nursing and solids and try not to worry. It did seem like my supply was extra low for a while, just before AF returned.

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    Default Re: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    She is getting taller- not putting on any weight at all... not sure which charts they are using- I don't get hung up on the percentiles so much, but the lack of weight gain is starting to make me feel weird. Plus I am feeding her OFTEN.. all day and night. As I said, I don't work right now, but when I do go back, I am not sure I will be able to pump enough. She will devour a bottle of bm whenever its given.

    I just want what is best for her. I am not considering formula..I really want to provide what she needs myself, and of course with solids as she gets older..

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