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Thread: RA & Cimzia

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    Wondering if anyone has taken Cimzia for rheumatoid arthritis while breastfeeding? I have had RA for eleven years. With my first, I had to stop breastfeeding at 7 weeks (tried 10mg prednisone but the flares were still so strong that I couldn't even walk). I just gave birth to my 2nd and am hoping to go longer with this one. Currently taking 10mg prednisone, which I took throughout pregnancy. Feel good so far but know that I may flare in a few weeks, as I did with my first.

    Rheumatologist suggested Cimzia (and hopefully stop prednisone), but since it is so new, I have my concerns. Drug manufacturer of course says don't take it b/c there is no good research, but some dr's feel that it is safe.

    Anyone had any success with Cimzia - or another medication for RA - while breastfeeding? Unfortunately alternative therapies like dietary changes and chiropractor care do not help with my condition (and I am already very physically fit/active).

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    No personal experience, but Lactmed has good, solidly-researched, non-alarmist stuff in general. Here's their take on it: http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/si...temp/~ZrOVQ7:1

    Sounds like it's such a big molecule that they don't expect it to pass into breastmilk.

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    Have you checked with infantrisk www.infantrisk.com you can call them on weekdays.

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    Definitely call InfantRisk.

    It looks like there really isn't any research on it though, unfortunately. The Medications and Mother's Milk entry on Dr. Hale's website doesn't cite any studies and also says that no human studies have been done. It says

    No human studies have been done but animal studies have shown minimal transfer of Certolizumab into milk and no antibodies were detected in the nursing pups. The molecular weight, 91 KiloDaltons, is a large molecule and not likely to transfer into milk.
    Talking to someone at InfantRisk may be helpful while you weigh your options and decide what you're comfortable with.

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