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Thread: lipase, working mom...now what?

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    Default lipase, working mom...now what?

    Hi all!

    I would really like some advice please. i have recently discovered that i have a high lipase content in ebm.

    i have been flash heating ebm and my lo has been taking it happily. unfortunately my entire freezer stash is unpalatable to my ds.

    I recently started working and have been coming home between appointments to express, heat and store for the next day. But in 2 weeks time i won't be able to do this as i will be on the road all the time. What to do?

    Will i be able to express, store in cooler bag till i get home? How long would it take before my milk develops that nasty taste.

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    Default Re: lipase, working mom...now what?

    When you say on the road, will you still be home at night? or do you mean a road trip with one or more overnight hotel stays in a row?

    Have you experimented with NOT heating a little expressed milk, keeping it in a cooler bag (as I assume you would do on the road,) and heating it at the time you think you would normally be home, then freezing it and defrosting it and seeing what the result is? Because the 'severity' of lipase issues vary from mom to mom. I don't hink you will have a definitive answer unless you try that.

    Is the odor/taste only bad after freezing and reheating? because then, if you will be home each night, what about not freezing the milk, just keeping it in the fridge overnight and that is baby's milk for the next day?

    Otherwise I could only think....maybe there is some kind of heating device you can plug into your car for heating the freshly expressed milk? Assuming you will be in a car....

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    Default Re: lipase, working mom...now what?

    I was able to flash heat at the end of each work day without any problem - some people are able to go a day or two in the fridge before flash heating...I tested once, and was not able to go overnight, it had to be done at the end of the day...I kept my pumped milk in a cooler bag with the blue ice plastic thingies at work.

    If you're going overnight on the road - you can flash heat in the hotel room? I used the dr browns bottle warmer and the dr browns largest glass bottle to flash heat - which is all very compact/portable.

    I feel your pain though, I had to trash over 100 oz of milk that was unpalatable, there was no milk donor places around here otherwise I would have donated it.

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