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Thread: Nursing Problems (?) My 4 Week Old Angel...

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    Great news. You and baby are doing so awesome!

    You are smart to be aware of 'too busy' days. Ideally Mom and baby should get lots of rest and relaxed time together in these early weeks.

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    Default Re: Nursing Problems (?) My 4 Week Old Angel...

    I wanted to pop in and give an update. LO is now 3 months and we are doing wonderfully! A week ago we were able to stop pumping alltogether. Little by little as babes has grown, she's become stronger and stronger and is now nursing like a champ and putting weight on beautifully! To all those mamas who are struggling with breastfeeding during these initial first few months...hang in there! All the struggle and effort will pay off! I am SO pleased with how things are now - it's like all of a sudden a switch went off - LO is nursing strong and I'm finally confident with my milk supply. As we were gradually weaning off the pumping / supplementing - I had baby weighed every week to make sure things were on track (that and making sure she had enough wet diapers) - things went well and week after week I was pleasantly surprised to see that her weight was continuing to go up even though supplementing was going down... last week was our first whole week with NO bottles / supplementing at all . . . and she gained almost 8 oz that week! She is now 14lbs 2oz and growing like a pretty little weed!
    I was so worried that we'd be pumping and supplementing for ever . . . and couldn't see an end to it - but now . . . things are great! It was SO worth the effort and patience. Those first few months are challenging . . . but they do go by quickly! Hang in there mamas!!! ((hugs))
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    Wow that is great news kessy24! Thank you so much for the update and encouragement...you have done a great job!

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    Awesome job, mama! You had to be really patient and persistent to get this far. So much hard work on your part!
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    That's great mama! Way to go! And it's really nice of you to provide an update. So often mothers feel so alone when they are struggling to breastfeed in the beginning, hearing that others have been through the same experience and made it out the other side to a great nursing relationship can be so helpful.

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