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Thread: Ready or not?

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    Default Ready or not?

    My DS is 7.5 months old and likes to put everything he sees in his mouth. When I offer solids (avocado and banana slices), he plays with them just like he would with any other toy, but when a piece comes off in his mouth, he gags if it gets anywhere near his throat, even if it's really tiny. He has swallowed a few small pieces but it seemed kind of accidental, like they got to his throat and he didn't know what else to do. He doesn't really chew the pieces either, so it's like whatever size piece breaks off into his mouth initially is the size it's going to stay. I don't know whether to keep offering or to back off for a bit. I've been offering about twice a week since 7 months.

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    It's totally up to you I think. What you're describing does not necessarily sound out of the ordinary so I don't think it necessarily means he's not ready. But if it's making you uncomfortable I don't think you have to feel like you *should* be offering solids.

    If it were me, I'd keep offering, but stick with slippery things that are easily gagged right back up or squished. Banana and avocado are great for that. Some other options might be ripe pear, peaches, or melon cut in long strips.
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    Not ready.

    Way too lazy for formula

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