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Thread: Milk blister... owwwww. What to do?

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    Default Milk blister... owwwww. What to do?

    Hello! I am in need of advice regarding milk blisters, or blebs, or whatever they are supposed to be called when you get a white bubble on your nipple that appears to be grown over with skin. I've had this milk blister that showed up a week ago. Being a first time mom, I had no idea what it was at first, but I was in excruciating pain. When my 4.5 month old baby latches on, it is so painful that I usually am in tears.

    I called my midwife and she set up an appointment with a lactation consultant, about 5 days ago. They instructed me not to touch it, and to use hot compresses, soaks, etc, and just nurse a lot on that side. (side note: I already nurse on that side a lot, there is no way to nurse any more on that side since my baby eats from both sides each feeding).

    A couple of days went by and despite religiously soaking, massaging, applying warm compresses, and nursing, nothing changed and I was in more and more pain. I decided to opt for the sterile needle option, and I carefully peeled back the skin growing over the thing. Immediately lots of milk came pouring out and I nursed after, and it felt so much better. Unfortunately though, I went to bed that night only to wake up to nurse and discovered it was back to being very painful.

    Last night I tried the needle again, but didn't meet with the same success. It only appeared to irritate my nipple more and now it is REALLY sore. I am still in incredible pain. My question is- what can I do? Anything? How long does the pain last? And will this darn thing EVER go away? It's causing me a great deal of stress. Nursing has been very stressful lately with my baby having the "4 month fussies", going back to work and not being able to pump enough, and now it is painful on top of that. I feel so frustrated.

    I did get a prescription for All Purpose Nipple Ointment from my midwife, and I have been applying it regularly to hopefully stave off infection.

    Advice or experience is much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Milk blister... owwwww. What to do?

    When you have a bad blister, and you take the step of breaking it with a needle, you're often left with a small put nevertheless painful wound where the blister was. Kind of like a crack, if a pinpoint wound can be referred to that way. The good news about these wounds is that they tend to heal quickly, usually in only a week, at most. Using APNO during the healing process is a good idea. I also suggest varying your nursing position, so that the baby's mouth falls in a slitlike different place, making sure you're using correctly sized shields with your pump, and doing warm water soaks before nursing or pumping.

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