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Thread: Help with Bedtime feeding/nursing when mom is away.....

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    Question Help with Bedtime feeding/nursing when mom is away.....

    My LO will he 9mo on Feb. 26th. He roughly weighs about 20 pounds, check up is Tuesday. He has yet to STTN. He does nurse and eat baby food ( Gerber 2nd purees only), he gags and spits up anything chunky or normal solids (watches, stares, and really wants real food, but just can't get it past the tongue).

    I EBF, with very occasional pumping, basically only when I know I have to be away (which isn't that often). Over the last few months I noticed that my right side was less full as the left, lopsided slightly. I decided to start pumping after he naps or sleeps, I did this twice. Most I can get out of one side (side he didn't just nurse from) is 2 oz. plus maybe an ounce from the other side, after 30-45 mins of pumping. However, I have no stash stored up and rarely have time to pump, b/c I am constantly caring for him and others. He nurses to go to sleep still and wakes 2-4 times a night. Back when he was younger (like 3-4mo).I had built up a small supply (I was going to be working for a few days, so I had to), I pumped one side while he nursed on the other. Not an option now, he is easily distracted and the pump is very loud. My pump is an Evenflo single pump (for like once/day use). It pumps better when plugged in vs batteries.

    So here's my dilemma: I have some nights coming up that I have to be away that would be during his bedtime. How do you have someone else feed him (bm) and put him to bed? He will take a bottle. No one else has put him to bed before. His bedtime routine of books and boob starts around 7. My upcoming times away would have me leaving around 6 and returning around 9-9:30.

    Any suggestions? Would formula be an option? If so, what kind?

    I breastfeed my oldest until approx. 18mo, but I remember formula being used sometimes (after he was 6mo, I think). But, can't remember why. That was so long ago!

    If it matters, we co-sleep most of the time, I can occasionally get him to sleep and move him to his Pack n Play, which is next to our bed.

    Another question, he leaks milk out while nursing. Example: while laying on bed to nurse, afterwards there is a big wet spot on sheet. Or if we are sitting up, I will feel milk dripping/running down my side/stomach. Is this a concern or problem?

    Any suggestions and advice welcome.

    Thank you,
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    Pumping 2oz from one side and 1 from the other is a HUGE amount to pump at one time. And that would be the most you ever fed at one time. Don't worry about HOW someone else puts your baby to sleep. Just know that is your child is tired and you aren't there, there will be NO expectation to nurse. Your baby will understand that you aren't there. Leave a 3 oz bottle and let your DH or whoever you are leaving the baby with work it out. My son let my DH wear him to sleep and he would lay down with my DH, mom or Sister. He didn't expect any of them to nurse him. They all worked it out just fine. Between now and then pump enough a 3oz bottle for any day you are gone.

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    3 oz is an excellent amount to pump at once. I was worried about leaving my husband to put LO to bed when I had an occassional night meeting, but I shouldn't have worried they were just fine with BM bottle. They have their own night time routine when I am away, as Im sure your LO and caregiver will too!

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    Default Re: Help with Bedtime feeding/nursing when mom is away.....

    Thank you for your responses.

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    With that time frame, I might nurse immediately before leaving, so LO's tummy is as full as possible before bedtime and you'll be back soon enough that even if he doesn't drink anything from the caregiver, he'll be fine. I also agree with pps that babies accept different routines from different people. My DD will nod off on while DH holds her in her darkened room. She would NEVER do that for me, it's just not our routine: it's theirs.

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