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Thread: angry nurser?

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    so my daughter is now 4 months old and up until 4 days ago was doing great sleeping/nursing at night. Now she's started getting very...I want to say aggressive, but that seems a little harsh...when she feeds in the evening/ night. She yanks back while still actively sucking, causing a deep pulling pain in my breasts, as well as biting and chafing my nipples something terrible. If that wasn't enough last night she started waking up from her evening cat naps screaming something awful! She's already started the first stages of teething on and off so i don't know if this is an actual tooth coming down and not just the teasers we've had up until now. All I know is this is painful and taking away a Lot of sleep from me at night since she wants to nurse constantly and the paci just won't cut it.

    any tips, advice, BTDT appreciated!

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    I'm in the same boat here. My DD is a week shy of 4 mo and is doing the exact same thing. We cosleep and one night, as she was nursing lying down, she pulled on my breast while pushing with her feet against me. I was in pain for days. Now i try to control her pulling (arm behind her head) and if it doesn't work I have my finger ready to break suction. I did this very often until she got a bit annoyed but she seems to have got the message and it's better again, after about 2 weeks of sore nipples. It's the time when they get distracted by everything and impatient.

    Also, try using the same boring spot for nursing and ask the other members of the family to stay away until you are done.

    Good luck!

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    I have some BTDT advice for you!

    DD is currently 9mo old and starting at 3.5mo (ending at about 6 mo) she was a very angry nurser. She would only nurse well if she was tired or already asleep.

    To overcome that, I would just nurse her in a dark, quiet, boring room or I would nurse her laying down.

    We put a dark sheet up in her room (what was supposed to be her room, we currently cosleep) to cover the windows so that room is officially our "dark room" the entire day.

    It does get better.

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    I am so grateful I found this post! My son is almost 3 months and for the past two weeks it's been like feeding a greased piglet. I was taking the tugging, wiggling and kicking very personally (as a type of rejection) and had been feeling very upset each time I tried to nurse him. I am glad to hear that others are in a similar position. I will definitely have to find a dark, secluded spot to nurse so I can try to minimize the distractions. He's a champ when he's asleep or sleepy. Awake is a completely different beast!! Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, but I feel more at peace knowing it isn't just me.

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