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Thread: **Horns & Playtex Drop-Ins/BM Storage Kit**

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    Default **Horns & Playtex Drop-Ins/BM Storage Kit**

    Hi I am returning to work soon and am planning to pump at work at least 3 times with my PIS. I will be pumping into the Medela bottles as that is what I have on hand. My freezer stash has been going into Lansinoh bags, 2 oz. each. I will not be using a hands free pumping bra (don't have one).

    Do I have to use a new/clean set of horns for each session? It would be great if all I need is one set of horns for the day (less to carry and wash). I don't have a sink/water in the room I will be pumping in. I would have to step into the busy breakroom or restroom to rinse the horns, which would take up more time from my desk. Also a little awkward washing my horns in front of co-workers & management. Is it safe to use the horns for the next two sessions without rinsing them (they will be refrigerated between sessions). If need be I can bring 3 sets of horns.

    My EBF baby will be using Playtex drop-ins at the daycare. Does anyone have a good system for setting up the bottles for daycare?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Playtex bm storage kit? If so please share your pumping & bottle-prep technique/system.


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    Default Re: **Horns & Playtex Drop-Ins/BM Storage Kit**

    Yes you can use the same pump parts all day if you refrigerate them.

    I use the playtex drop-ins but have never used the bm storage stuff. I didn't read very good reviews for it.

    I wash nipples when I get home from work and make the bottles up for the next day.

    Target carries the store brand up and up bottle liners that will save you $1 over the playtex ones.
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    Default Re: **Horns & Playtex Drop-Ins/BM Storage Kit**

    They make wipes that you can use to clean the horns. Medela and Lanoush make them. You can use them to wipe your breasts also... You don't need more than the 1 set. A good wipe and they will be fine.
    I have the hands free pumping bra and it's great. I can use the computer and talk on the phone all while pumping so it's worth getting one. Also, I used those
    playtex drop ins with my first child. I recommend pushing the air up and out of them by pushing two fingers up the bottom so the milk is all the way up to the
    nipple. Put the caps on them to keep them clean and send to school in a little cooler and your good to go! All the best!

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