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Thread: 11 month old nurses all day and night!

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    Default 11 month old nurses all day and night!

    Lo has been a very very distracted nurser since 4 months. Until he wouldn't nurse anywhere away from home. So he compensated by nursing all night long. I'm cool with that. But for the past week he suddenly has a renewed interest in nursing, to my very pleasant surprise. He is suddenly interested to nurse every 2 hours, and drinks a lot more. However, he is STILL nursing all.night.long. We co-sleep and i'm quite worn out by the constant nursing. I'm scratching my head to what is happening here. I know my milk supply hasn't decreased, as I do observe more wet diapers from lo. This cannot be growth spurt right, as what I understand they happen in the 9th and 12th month.
    More info: I'm doing blw, so far he is not taking a lot solids yet.

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    Hi mama
    Could it be that he is teething or working on a developmental milestone, like walking During these times, and growth spurts, LOs up their intake of brain food (breast milk) to help with their physiological, mental and emotional needs. Growth spurts happen at different times for different babies. Some a little earlier, others a little later, than the average time range. Just like with everything else, babies go at their own pace. Sometimes they attempt to do things a little too quickly and end up reverting back to basics (bfing more, wanting to be held more, get "clingy", fussy, etc) and it's just their way of reconnecting with mama for many reasons. Although a little wearing on mama, keep in mind that this will pass. Hang in there Keep doing what you are doing...listening and following his cues. He'll lead you in the right direction
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