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Thread: Weight gain during feeding

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    Default Weight gain during feeding

    Does anyone know how many grams baby should gain during a pre-and post breast-feeding session?
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    Default Re: Weight gain during feeding

    Depends on a lot of factors, like how long it's been since the previous feeding, time of day, baby's mood, growth spurts, etc... Which is why you really can't base anything on a single weigh-feed-weigh. But about 2 ounces I believe would be average.
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    Default Re: Weight gain during feeding


    It's not really an answer to your question but an offshoot of still.here's answer. It goes through situations where pre/post weights can help or hinder and how to properly read the amount you get. But I agree with still.here, 2-4 oz is typical.

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    : Ita with the PPs. 2-4 oz is average, but there's a wide range of variation around that average. A really hungry baby might take in 4-5 oz in the early morning when milk is extra abundant, while a baby who isn't hungry and just needs a quick comfort nursing session might take in 1 oz or even less. That's why a single weigh-feed-weigh test isn't all that useful!

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