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    My baby is 6 days old, my milk has been in for three days, and I am so very engorged. I only pump an extrememly small amount if needed when my nipple is engorged too and it is hard to latch on. Other than that I do not pump, and I fee every 2-3 hours around the clock. Diapers are good, and it seems like he is doing well. I do not leak at all, when I nurse on one side the other side doesn't leak. I was wondering if anyone had any tips besides cabbage leafs (been doing that) to calm down the supply, or if this is normal, and how long it usually last. Thanks!

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    i was told if i got engorged to try ice packs. I dont kno if thats the same theory as cabbage. I was also told that your breast will adjust over time with how much your baby eats. IF your producing more then your baby needs id suggest freezen it!!! im no expert im actually having and issue getting much milk at all! worst case with frozen milk .. you dont use it. hope someone has better answer for you soon !

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    The more you simply put up with the engorgement, faster it should subside. Most moms find that the engrogement stage is shirt-lived, maybe a week or so at most, though some moms do have more persistent engorgement/fullness/oversupply issues. Encouraging frequent nursing may also help- when the baby takes small amounts very frequently, that can prevent you from getting burstingly full. Reverse pressure softening may help when engorgement is making latching difficult: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...oft_cotterman/

    If extreme fullness is causing the baby to have difficulty with nursing due to a fast flow, try nursing in reclined positions.

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    I found it helpful to go topless during that engorged phase.

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    Six days wow that's a new one! congratulations
    True engorgement where your breasts are rockhard is not really normal-it's pretty common but only because of our birth practices and typical early day nursing practices. my point is it really can cause problems so you do want to keep working on it.

    Also the fact that you do not leak obviously does not help. some mothers do not leak and some do. when you don't leak you're going to be at higher risk for engorgement
    As long as nursing is comfortable for you and you feel your breasts softening after nursing I would suggest nurse more often. If your baby is nursing nine times a day trying nursing 12 times . if your baby is nursing 12 times a day try 14 times a day. there really is no such thing as too much nursing especially in these early days.
    As suggested above Cold compresses like a bag of frozen peas can help. avoid heat directly on the breasts unless this helps you with let down. If heat
    makes you feel better try heat on your back instead.
    Have you tried hand expression for softening the breasts instead of pumping? pumping can bring fluid into the areola and cause more problems. Of course if the pumping is working for you that's fine. The reverse pressure softening as suggested above is really helpful often.
    Have you tried cabbage leaves? lots of mom swear this really helps.

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