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Thread: Pump is causing blisters

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    Default Pump is causing blisters

    My LO is 9 months and I have been back at work sice she was 10 weeks. I have pumped with essentially the same routine and results since returning to work. Two days ago I began to develop blisters around both nipples. All equipment and cleaning has remained the same. Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to mend my injured breasts?

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    Just a shot in the dark - maybe the flange size needs to change? I've heard from some moms that breast size/shape can change over the course of breastfeeding, and a flange that fits in the beginning may not fit as well later on and they have to switch to a different size. If that's happened for you, and the flanges aren't fitting properly, they could be rubbing/causing irritation. Do you have other sizes to experiment with?

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    Good suggestion from the PP.

    When I hear that a mom who has been nursing/pumping for a long time with no problems is suddenly having pain or skin changes (including things like blistering, cracking, dry or flaking skin, nipples appearing red/pink/shiny), my first thought is thrush.
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