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Thread: Is breastfeeding feeding into my husband's high cholesterol?

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    Default Is breastfeeding feeding into my husband's high cholesterol?

    I've been eating heartily for over two years now between pregnancy and nursing. I'm losing weight, our 13month old is underweight, but my husband has been gaining weight and we just found out that his cholesterol is high. Overall we eat very well, it's just that the portion sizes are probably to big for him and all the homemade ice cream and steaks that keep me from wasting away probably aren't helping him. Obviously we can cut back on ice cream and steaks, and he can start eating oatmeal with me (I eat a lot of oatmeal) and split eggs with our daughter (she can only have yolk), but I'm wondering if anyone else ever noticed that their husbands gained weight/cholesterol while they were nursing?

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    Default Re: Is breastfeeding feeding into my husband's high choleste

    I think that anyone who is married or in a long-term relationship knows that their partner's eating habits can impact their own. But don't blame yourself for your DH's high cholesterol. First of all, age and genetics often have a larger say in cholesterol levels than diet- for example, my mom, cursed with genetically high cholesterol, went on an egg, red meat, and dairy-free diet for several months, and only saw her cholesterol go up, whereas my dad, blessed with very opposite genes, can eat ice cream every day and still have totally normal test results. Second, even if your diet is tempting your husband to eat more lipid-rich food, it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to change that. That might mean asking you to save the steaks and ice cream for lunch, or choosing a salad instead of matching you calorie for calorie... And that kind of self-control is hard, but it's the only way two people with different metabolic needs can make it work!

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    Default Re: Is breastfeeding feeding into my husband's high choleste

    I make sure to eat most of my extra calories when DH isn't around. He's been pretty good, and has lost a notable amount of weight since we got married ; I think that helps keep him more motivated, but it is hard for him sometimes. But the pp is right that it's HIS responsibility to exercise some self-control.

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