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Thread: Breastfeeding 1 yr old while on adderall?

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    Exclamation Breastfeeding 1 yr old while on adderall?

    I'm a 23 year old college student, full time single mother, who has ADD, and I'm really wanting to get back on my medication due to all the classes I have, I usually don't take the medication unless I really need it, like when I have a ton of homework and all that, but I haven't taken it in years due to being pregnant and breastfeeding. My daughter is 13 months old now and breastfeeds in the morning, at her mid-day nap, and at night... I've been trying to cut down on the breastfeeding by getting her to sleep at night without breastfeeding and have successfully gotten her to sleep twice now lying in bed with her and just rubbing her back while she was really tired... I'm thinking about just weaning her so that I can get back on my medication and start working, but it's really difficult for her and I, since she is so emotionally attached to the breast for comfort while trying to go to sleep. I'm wondering if I continued breastfeeding and taking adderall in a small dose once a day, would that be OK? If it wouldn't effect her, I was thinking of taking it in the morning in a very small dose after her feeding, then not breastfeeding till nighttime. The pressure for weaning her are that my grades aren't doing that well, and I can't work due to her being so dependent on me, I WISH I could be a stay at home mom as long as she needed but times are getting tough! Classes are too expensive for me to be failing.... Also, she is a VERY NEEDY baby, likes to be held a lot... doesn't like me to walk around without her...
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    WRT the medication, contact the Infant Risk center: http://www.infantrisk.com/, (806)-352-2519. They should be able to give you a definitive answer about the safety of the medication you want to take.

    WRT weaning, I hate to say this, but weaning isn't the way out of having a very dependent baby. 13 months olds are simply very dependent creatures, and there's not much you can do to change that except wait.

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    I don't think weaning is the way to make her less dependent, it'd just be easier to put her in daycare or let her stay with her grandma sometimes... I've only had 2 days without her, and I love being with her but I'd love to get a job, take more classes(Im taking online classes), etc.... I'd just love for her to sleep without breastfeeding which I've been working on but she doesn't want it at all... But, I'm willing to wait till she's ready although being a single mom and NOT working is hard financially for us... :[

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    Hi there, not sure where you are from but Motherisk is a great resource for breast feeding and drugs. http://www.motherisk.org/women/breastfeeding.jsp. You can call them and ask. They will access the risk based on factors such as dosage and weight. Motherisk is an organization developed and supported by the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto.

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