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Thread: 15 month old baby/low supply?

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    Default 15 month old baby/low supply?

    I *think* my supply might be low. Actually, if my baby would ever nurse from both breasts, maybe she would be getting more milk and be gaining weight better, but I used to have oversupply, so she's used to only needing to nurse at one breast, and get back to playing.

    But at 15 months, isn't my supply pretty much established? Or can I ramp it back up again some? AF has not come back, but I do feel the creakings of my ovaries every once in a while, and my cervical fluid sometimes seems eggwhite-like, so it may be soon returning.

    Will the standard things help? Fenugreek, pumping after nursings? My LO won't eat much food, like hardly anything, and she's barely gaining weight now, too, so the only thing I can think of is that my supply might be low.

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    Why do you think your supply is low? How often do you nurse? How are diapers? What has weight gain been like? All of these questions will help us give you advice about your situation.

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    I am not sure it is. I am just desperate for her to get back on the chart and get back to gaining at even her slow little pace. And she won't eat food, so nursing is the only way I have to do it. Some background is that she was (and still is somedays) VERY hard to nurse for MANY months. She would just refuse to nurse. I nursed her in her sleep for a long time. She is a very busy energetic little girl too. She is tapping her foot the whole time she's nursing, like "come on, come on, come on, so I can get back to climbing the dollhouse"!! lol! I don't ever pump. I just nurse. She will go for hours not nursing if I let her and we're busy out and about. I try to nurse her ever 2-3 hours still because sometimes she's too busy to nurse for very long, so I feel like if I offer often, she'll get more milk overall. Her longest stretch is about 5 hours, and oddly enough, it is usually from like 7 am until noon, when she is just too wound up to sit still. I take her to the dark bedroom with the sound machine even, and she will just climb all over me, or latch and not wait for my letdown, and pop off. My letdown just feels very weak compared to how it's been. Sometimes, I don't feel it at all anymore. Her diapers are fine I think. I cloth diaper her, so I change her pretty often. She's always wet when I change her every two hours. She poops at least once a day. Her weight gain has just dropped off to nothing now. The stupid iron supplement was causing her to throw up, so we were dealing with that, that doesn't help. Now I only have to give it 4 times a week, and she's taking some reflux medicine, and she keeps the iron supplement down better for whatever reason. So I guess we'll know this next month if she's really gaining. She has a touchy stomach. She gets the bug easily and often it seems. Or it's reflux, IDK.

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