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    We are having trouble with DD taking a bottle when I'm at work (as I'm sure many of you have had/continue to have!). We have tried several bottles, but she seems to gag on them (on the rare occasion she lets them in her mouth). I am wondering if the nipple is too long? Are there any brands out there that have shorter nipples? We have tried playtex ventair and tommee tippee with various flow rates. DD is almost 6 months and has a tongue tie/severe lip tie that does not interfere with nursing.

    (We have also tried cup feeding, syringe feeding, and sippy cups; me out of the house, me "tricking" her during breast feeding. No luck ).

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    These are super cheap, but my DD likes them:http://www.amazon.com/First-Essentia...ntials+bottles

    The nipple looks shorter than some others out there.

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    Looks interesting. We don't use them but maybe the nipple is shorter, it's hard to tell without puttting them side by side.
    On a different note could it be nipple texture? Silicone vs latex.

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