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    My baby girl will be one year old in eight days For the last three to four Weeks, she has been refusing bottles. She will take water or juice from a sippy cup, but not milk. She waits until I get home, then trust tries to rip my shirt off. The trouble I'm having is that I work twelve hour shifts, so we are apart almost 14 hours , three days a week. I'm nervous about going all day without pumping, and I also want to be able to nurse her on demand during the day while I'm home and not at work. But truth be told I hate this pump. Does anyone have advice?I would truly appreciate it.

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    Usually once you hit the one year mark your supply is well-established enough that it's there when you need it and not there when you don't. That said, I'd probably be nervous about going 14 hours without pumping too. It would probably be best to cut back slowly. I'm not sure how often you pump now, but drop one session at a time over the course of a couple weeks and keep at least one session for a while just to be sure. If you don't have any problems, try cutting that session out and see if it seems to have an impact on your supply. I'd be more worried if your work days are consecutive- going three days in a row, 14 hours each day would probably cause a supply dip by the end of the three days. It would probably come back up, but might be a pain in the butt if you're doing it over and over.

    Bottom line- just go slow and keep an eye on your supply as you go. As long as you continue to nurse on demand when you are together you shouldn't have a problem. And with a toddler, what I mean by nursing on demand is a little different than an infant. Don't feel like you can't ever say no. But expect frequent nursing, especially the day or night after a long shift because she'll be nursing to boost your supply back up.
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