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Ah i needed to read this! My DD is 9mo old and is in a high-alert STRANGER DANGER mode right now. Even with my brother, sister-in-law, parents, and other close family members. It really makes me sad when she can't enjoy her family. But time and time again she will cry if she is held by someone besides me or my fiance, and we will quickly take her back and calm her down (all the while being lectured on how we are just reinforcing the behavior).

Recently she has started opening up, and it is amazing, but still has her moments. I'm happy you shared your experiences, it is very helpful
I'm glad it helped!

It's funny too - our 3 girls are only 40 months apart. So it's not like how we raise them is a faded from memory. All of our family and friends KNOW this is what we do. All of them KNOW how it works with us. For some reason, it doesn't stop the 'advice'. Just ignore them. Your babies are babies for SUCH a short amount of time. Do what you know is right and let the rest wash off like rain.