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Thread: Liquid greens for myself and breast feeding

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    Default Liquid greens for myself and breast feeding

    Hi there, wasn't sure where I should be posting this and hope some one out there can give some advice. I would like to supplement with liquid greens ( in my smoothies) as our lives can be hectic with a 4 month old and a 2.5 year old. I find I don't eat enough veggies sometimes. I was looking at http://www.nakaherbs.com/pdf/vital_greens.pdf and it says not to take while breast feeding and I'm wondering why. Is there something in there that could decrease milk supply? I looked but couldn't identify anything. Thanks for helping!

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    Default Re: Liquid greens for myself and breast feeding

    I know what you mean about not getting enough good veggies in your diet...that's the reason I just bought a juicer last month...I would consult someone such as an IBCLC about this supplement. The medicinal herbs are probably the main concern. The disclaimer about breastfeeding is pretty much standard for any type of medicine or herb (even Fenugreek has it on the bottle I have), but there are several herbs in there that could have an affect on baby. Another issue is, it's likely that some of the herbs haven't been studied for their effects on breastfeeding, so you may not be able to find a clear answer.

    I would personally be inclined to stay away from supplements like this and try to incorporate more whole foods into your smoothies--you can even throw kale or spinach right in the blender. Or look into juicing--I got a decent juicer for about $60 and it's an easy way to add in lots more fruits and veggies in my diet.

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    Default Re: Liquid greens for myself and breast feeding

    Like adasmmom I put spinach and kale and even zucchini in smoothies. In addition to berries I add some fresh pineapple and a little wedge of fresh lime - they completely mask the veggie tastes if you like smoothies that are more fruity. Note kale is heavily treated with pesticides so that's one veggie I buy organic only. I also don't eat it every day.
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